Relocating Large Dogs from Russia to Japan

I got my pups Hachiko and Tsabai when I was living in Siberia, and they've been my soul mates ever since. After finishing my nine years in Russia, I decided to move back to Japan where my parents were... but never knew how to move my pups. I had flown them once from Siberia to Moscow, and that alone was a nerve-racking experience, although it was domestic.

To imagine having to fly them overseas was horrifying. After getting some information locally (in Russia) I almost gave up going home altogether, since moving my pups seemed almost impossible. There were so many requirements, so many papers to prepare, so many 'to-dos'. 

large dog shipping from Russia to Japan  Large mixed breed dog moving from Russia to Japan

After spending some sleepless nights, I started searching high and low online for any help or suggestions I could get from experienced parents... that's when I found PetRelocation. They've been the best! From the very first day I made contact until my pups actually moved back to Japan with me and got settled in, their support and love was with us every step of the way. It was a huge support both physically and physiologically. I don't know how I would have gone through this without their help. IF in the future I need to make another move, I'd definitely ask them for their help again! 

P.S. My pups are extra-large... weighing 76kg and 65kg! Plus they are a bit wary of strangers. I'm not sure how, but their staffs even managed to walk them and feed them... they're such professionals!


PetRelocation Team


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