Relocating Oriental Cats: Raven and Rocket’s Story

Moving to a new country takes a lot of work. Why not get help? When Janis and Glenn started to plan their move to Canada, they decided it was time to call a professional, and we're so happy they did! Here's the story of their move with their two sweet oriental cats. 

PetRelocation was referred to us by several people and, in the end, we're so happy we chose them!  The best part of our move was knowing that our oriental cats were cared for. 


Raven and Rocket moved to Canada. 


At every turn, the PetRelocation team made sure that we were aware of our cats' location. Communication was open and clear throughout the whole process. Brittany and Ciara were wonderful to work with.  Our cats have settled in very quickly and are happy to be in their new environment.  I would highly recommend PetRelocation.

If you and your pet need assistance traveling across the world, or across the country, reach out today! We'd love to be part of your adventure. While you're at it, make sure to tag us on Instagram to share your journey with the hashtag #MyPetRelocation! 


PetRelocation Team


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