Shipping A Dog To Australia: Bridger’s Story

When dog-mom Kathryn started to plan her move to Australia, she realized she could use some help when it came to the relocation of her dog, Bridger. So, she called PetRelocation! Working with Bridger and Kathryn was a joy. Here's what she had to say about the experience. 

I could not have asked for a better experience working with Nina as my dog made the long journey from the US to Australia. Nina was beyond attentive and responsive to my dog's needs for his journey. She took care of every step needed without missing a detail. She was transparent, communicative, empathetic and kind. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nina was more than a coordinator,  she was a consultant, an adviser, and a friend. You could tell she truly cared about the comfort and ease of the transition for my dog, as well as myself (as transporting a pet can be emotionally exhausting for the owner, too.). She was on the journey with us and made it a seamless and pleasant one.


Black lab moved to Australia shipping dogs to Australia. Bridger's story!

For anyone who is considering transporting a pet overseas, put faith in PetRelocation. The transport can be a difficult process for the pet and the owners. However, it can be seamless and pleasant with the trust of the coordination of PetRelocation.
Thank you, Nina. Bridger couldn't be happier in his new life in Sydney! We are so grateful! 


And thank you for letting us be part of your adventure! If you're considering a move to Australia, or anywhere, let PetRelocation help! Arrange your move today. 


PetRelocation Team


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