Shipping a Dog to the UK: Auggie’s Travel Story

dog in travel kennel before relocation to Manchester, EnglandIncredible Experiences: Auggie's Journey to the UK

I was very nervous about my fur baby traveling after having read the horror stories about pets not making it or getting stuck someplace or getting routed to the wrong airport. My project manager got referrals for pet relocators and we ended up with PetRelocation.

We gave it a go twice :), my paperwork fell through the first time around. We have worked with two different specialists and both were great. The last one, Tobi, who handled the relocation did an amazing job following it through. First, the instructions that were provided were well organized and easy to follow. She reached out to the vet to provide the packet and was there every step of the way to answer questions and to review paperwork.

She provided her cell number so I could text pictures of water bowls to make sure they were approved for the crate and sent out detailed instructions for the move day. Tobi provided updates every step of the way and, even with the time difference, was on top of things when we arrived in Manchester early in the morning and our dog, Auggie, was going through customs—it took 4 hours, which she gave us a heads up on.

Auggie was delivered by a gentleman who obviously loved dogs.  Auggie was fed both meals and given treats. His favorite ball and leash made it to Manchester from Tampa as well. The gentleman who picked Auggie up from our home was on time, as he did a dry run previously to verify the time it would take to our house. He was both on time and very considerate of my worry for my pet. He reassured me and helped with our giant crate.

It is not my favorite to travel without my pet by my side, but when we are traveling back, we will definitely be calling you back. Keep up the great job! What you do makes a big difference, my dog is like my child and is part of the family.

I am grateful to you for keeping him safe.  His biggest worry now is getting a hang of the elevator concept—still working on the part of having the doors close and traveling down before he can run outside. :)


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Victoryia
Pet's Name: Auggie
Pet's Breed: Bull Terrier
From: Florida, US
To: Manchester, UK

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PetRelocation Team


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