Shipping Cats to New Zealand: Gizmo and Tula’s Story

You never know where life might take you. In this case, Tula and Gizmo's family moved to New Zealand. Worried about the process, their pawrents called PetRelocation! Here's their story. 

Nina Faber was the relocation coordinator entrusted with handling our pets' move from the United States to New Zealand. She was amazing. Every question we had she answered in the most timely manner. She was personal, very helpful, and made sure everything got submitted at the exact right time. She was also the intermediate with our local vet, following up with them and us before and after each appointment. Since our cats were at a local boarding facility before their departure she was the intermediary between them and the agent who picked them up to transfer them to the airport. It was reassuring for us to get pictures and updates along their way.


Once the cats were in New Zealand, she kept in touch and helped as an intermediary between us and the local quarantine facility. We really appreciate her organizational skills, while being very personal and friendly.

Our cats arrived safe and sound in New Zealand and now settling into their new home. When you pay that much for relocating your pets, you want to have everything go smoothly. Thankfully, despite all the uncertainty during the pandemic, everything worked out great.

If you're planning a move with your pets and don't know where to start, we can help! Send us your questions today. And to keep up with all of these incredible stories and furry faces, follow us on Instagram.


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