Shipping Cats to the UK: Maggie and Marv’s Big Trip

Cat mom Amy had her hands full and needed help getting her two adorable kitties, Marv and Maggie, from San Francisco to the United Kingdom. Luckily, PetRelocation takes furbabies of all shapes and sizes to the UK each week! Maggie and Marv arrived safe and sound and their mom couldn't be happier. Here's their story! Black cat Maggie flew from the US to the UK

Initially, I worked with Kathy Wimer. Kathy was absolutely brilliant at getting everything started for me. She explained every step of the move and made sure I was comfortable with the plan before moving forward. Then, I was assigned Jill Rush as my Relocation Coordinator. Jill was absolutely amazing, she was able to adapt my cats’ travel plans when everything was changing and kept me updated every step of the way. Due to COVID, our initial plan to fly directly from San Francisco to London was impossible. I was very anxious about the move but Jill assured me that the cats would be in great hands (which they were).

She kept in contact with me throughout and answered all my questions as they arose. Everyone who dealt with my cats was great and sent me updates whenever possible. When they arrived at our destination they settled in almost immediately which I take as a sign that they were treated incredibly well throughout their journey. I will absolutely recommend PetRelocation to any friends who are moving with pets in the future!

Maggie and Marv flew from the US to the UK


We're so happy we could help and offer Amy some piece of mind. If you're planning your move and running into roadblocks, we're here to offer guidance! Let us know what questions you have! Drop us a note and we'll get right back to you! 


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