Shipping Dogs to Canada: Rupert’s Pet Move

Rupert the dogIncredible Experiences: Rupert's Move to Canada

Having moved a pet on our own in the past, we were keen to avoid the red-tape nightmare we experienced last time so we contacted PetRelocation. Matt and the team at PetRelocation made Rupert's trip stress free... at least for us!

At the age of 13 and leaving a country where you hear horror stories of pets left in 40 degree warehouses for hours on end, we were given so much confidence and peace of mind from Matt and his team. He ensured a near seamless preparation for Rupert and made a long trip as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

Rupert arrived in Canada about four days after he left India. It was a long trip (due to the distance and flight schedules), but Matt ensured Rupert was never left on his own, traveled with well-established pet friendly airlines, and even had a personal chauffeur from Calgary!

His crate and bedding had been cleaned and freshened up. He had fresh water and had been fed. He had been walked and given bathroom breaks regularly. Long haul travel isn't comfortable for the best of us, however, if I had to do that trip again I would happily follow in Rupert's footsteps.

The only issue we have is Rupert is having problems navigating on snow... Unfortunately PetRelocation couldn't help with this one!

Thank you for getting our "Old Age Pensioner" to his new home in one piece, happy and healthy.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Juliana
Pet's Name: Rupert
From: New Delhi
To: Edmonton, Canada

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