Shipping Dogs to China: Mylo’s Story

Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting with the relocation of a very good girl named Mylo. Mylo was moving to China from New York and her family needed some help. Mylo made it safe & sound and her mom was kind enough to send us the following update! 

I’ve always heard good things about PetRelocation, but didn’t need the service until I actually had to move across the world all the way from NYC to Shanghai! Having to handle such a big move, with a toddler, I simply do not have the capacity to organize and handle my dog, Mylo’s move as well! Cocker spaniel moved to China

In comes PetRelocation's Sarah and Katy! They were amazing right from the start to the end! Their service was top notch! They went above and beyond to make sure Mylo reached her destination and anticipated and prepared any bumps along the way that might occur due to the strict regulations China had. Thanks Ladies! Mylo barks a hello and thanks too!

Thanks, Mylo! 
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PetRelocation Team


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