Shipping Dogs to the Netherlands: Pet Travel Spotlight

Moving to the EU? We have a team of experts ready to help you! One client shared her experience moving three pups—Lily, Maggie, and Sassy—from the US to the Netherlands with us. You can read her story below.

relocating a daschund to EuropeI have three small dogs (two Shih Tzus and one mini Dachshund). I was very nervous about relocating my dogs, especially the Shih Tzus, because of their short noses which can cause complications. I was also worried I wouldn't fill in the appropriate paperwork correctly or miss a step and would be stuck either in the US or Netherlands.  

That is when PetRelocaton came into the picture. Katy and Natalie that helped us with our journey were amazing. They were there for any questions and assisted to make sure all bases were covered. They were also great and gave me updates during the relocation trip for my dogs. We all made it to the Netherlands and my dogs love it here. That is all thanks to PetRelocation!

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