Shipping Pets to The Dominican Republic: Alley and Jack’s Move

Jack and AlleyIncredible Experiences: Alley and Jack's Move to Santo Domingo

When my husband received the news that we may be relocated to the Dominican Republic for his job, it was barely spring in Chicago, which meant that nothing sounded better than moving to a tropical climate. We ended up not moving until August, which gave us plenty of time to make arrangements to move our beloved pets Jack (cat) and Alley (golden retriever).

After much research online, I decided that PetRelocation sounded like the best option. Our moving specialist was Mathews, who was absolutely amazing. He helped us with the preparation of the paperwork, and explained to us (on numerous occasions) the process of relocating our babies. He was extremely knowledgeable about everything, and I believe at one point he even called our veterinarian in Chicago to explain exactly how the paperwork needed to be filled out.

The move went perfectly! We have been down here for almost 9 months, and Jack and Alley are settled and happy. Jack has an amazing balcony which he lounges on for most of the day, and although Santo Domingo is not the most dog-friendly city, we have found a few parks where Alley can walk and play.

We have had no problem finding good vets here, which is good because the climate creates some skin problems for golden retrievers. The best thing for Alley is when we go to the beach for the weekend, as the majority of beaches are dog friendly. She can be off her leash and swim all day.

We will definitely use PetRelocation for our next move, whether it is back to the U.S. or another country.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Kerri & Vinny
Pets' Names: Alley & Jack
From: Chicago, IL, USA
To: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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