Shipping Two Dogs to the UK: Owen and Piper’s Story

When it comes to moving your pets, you don't have to go it alone! If you feel overwhelmed, you can call PetRelocation! That's what Sally, mom to Owen and Piper, did. Here's what she had to say about their experience. 

From my initial contact with Catie Cox, who answered all my questions helpfully, knowledgeably and on a very timely basis, I knew that I'd chosen the right company to work with. I've done corporate moves before (without animals) and I know how easy it is to relocate between countries with a company at your side. Doing it alone with 2 dogs is a very different matter. My dogs mean the world to me, and I wanted peace of mind that they would be safe and as comfortable as possible traveling from California to the UK. That's why I called PetRelocation. 


relocating dogs from the US to the UK moving pet to the uk


Nick Stegall was a fantastic coordinator. He really knows his stuff. He kept everything on track with paperwork and vet appointments. He checked in with me on everything very regularly and was always there if I needed something. He acknowledged my fears about the whole process while putting me at ease that my dogs were in great hands. Thanks for everything, Nick and Catie! 

And thank you for sharing your experience with us! If you're starting to plan your relocation with your pets and not sure where to begin, let us help


PetRelocation Team


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