Taking a Dog to Australia: Otto’s Travel Story

Otto is finally home after quarantine in Australia! Here's an update on how Otto is doing now.

Everything went smoothly with the pick up at Mickleham. He was very skinny when we collected him, but very happy to see us and back to his normal self in no time. A couple of extra meals over the last week and he is back to looking very healthy and happy. 

He is loving his new house - he has a backyard for the first time so plenty of room to explore. I've attached a photo of him sleeping, guarded by his new friend Lexie, and another with the two of us. 

We wanted to really thank Maegan, Nina, and the whole Pet Relocation team for the help throughout this stressful process. You all were very patient and compassionate the whole time, which was much appreciated. 

Kind regards,

Holly & Jakob


Pet Travel Details:

Pet Name: Otto
Pet Type: Dog
From: Virginia, US
To: Melbourne, Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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