Thank You So Much for Your Help and the “Pet Relo Therapy!”

Incredible Experiences: Louis and Oliver's Move to France

Hi Matt,

I was going to email you but you beat me to it! Louis and Oliver arrived today a little earlier than expected (which was nice) in great shape thanks to your pet transport knowledge.

They really seem to have handled the whole experience much better than I could have expected. The handlers on both the pick up and delivery end were such nice guys, I really couldn't have asked for better! I'm sure the entire thing, as you warned me in advance, was worse for me than it was for them.

My only complaint was that the security agents in Newark didn't allow them to have their one each stuffed animal and apparently just tossed them, which I think would have been nice for the dogs, but still that is my only complaint!

I actually just came in from a chilly walk with my guys here in France at 12:30 am.... I guess we are all a little jet lagged and off our normal schedules due to the pet travel.

Thank you so much for all your patience, guidance, and "pet relo therapy!" :)

I'm sure we will be in touch when its time for us to return in June, and I promise I won't be so worried and anxious next time around!


Annie B.


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Incredible Experiences



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