Transporting Horses: Darla’s Upcoming Move

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"What's the largest pet you've moved?"  That's a question we often receive from people who are curious about our business or worried that we won't be able to help them with their oversized precious cargo. Well, horses are pretty big, and we've moved several of those!

For example, we're getting ready to move an American Saddlebred named Darla (also known as Lookin' Ready when she's in show mode) from Kentucky to Ohio. As is the case for the typical pet owner who contacts us, Darla is a member of her family, and they feel that bringing her along with them when they relocate in a few weeks is an absolute must. (That's Darla in the stunning picture above.)

Interested? Find out more information about transporting horses.

Remember, we're happy to assist pets of many shapes and sizes, so if you have a horse, a bird, a rabbit or another pet that's not a dog or cat, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.


Pictured: Darla, also know as Lookin' Ready, & owner Kaitlin at a show last year




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