UK Pet Travel: Napoleon Moves to London!

Moving a pet to the UK? We have a team for that! Read below for one pet owner's experience working with Catie and Natalie, who focus specifically on pet moves in these countries.  


Shipping dogs to London Catie and Natalie were fantastic!

They were quick to answer all of our emails and phone calls and really helped to put our minds at ease when it came to relocating our dog. We definitely would not have been as confident in preparing the mountain of paperwork needed for our dog's relocation were it not for the support from the PetRelocation staff.  

On the day of the move, everything went smoothly. The pickup was on time, the dog was loaded on the plane correctly and dropped off at our new home safe and sound. We will absolutely look into using PetRelocation for any future relocation needs.


PetRelocation Team


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