United States Dog Travel: Drew Retires in Florida!

Sweet Golden Retriever Drew moved from California to Florida earlier this year and took right to the beach there. Here's what his mom Brenda had to say about his transition and her experience with PetRelocation.

Drew’s first steps into the Atlantic Ocean from South Florida. He definitely likes the warmer water... he approached and went in willingly! Back on the central coast of CA, he wanted no part of the water there. He has adjusted just fine. Loves all the dogs he’s meeting, the walks in the warmer weather....we think he’ll like retirement in Florida. ;) 

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Thank you again for a smooth trip. Thank you for all those involved who took care of him along the way. I’d highly recommend PetRelocation.

Thank you, Brenda, for trusting us with Drew's big move! We are happy to see him enjoying his new surroundings. 


PetRelocation Team


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