Veteran Family Moves Cross Country: Fia and Max’s Story

When military veteran, Ryan, found he needed to move across the country he was skeptical he'd be able to find the assistance he needed. His pets mean the world to him and he was worried that a regular moving company wouldn't understand that. Luckily, PetRelocation is no regular company. Read his story below! orange cat moved to Spokane

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical of PetRelocation. I had never had anyone, but myself, move or house my two cats. I live alone, I’m a 16-year veteran that suffers from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). My two cats calm me. I would be lost without them. I need them as much as they need me. 

I couldn’t move them from Spokane, Washington to Denver, Colorado after the stress I endured when moving them to Spokane on my own a few years ago. So, I started searching and found PetRelocation. I was impressed with them every step of the way. Mandy was my coordinator. She was awesome. Any question I had, she answered immediately. If not, she got me an answer within a day or two. It was seamless the entire time. It was very hard for me to watch them drive away to fly to Denver. It was also hard for me to tell Mandy to extend their boarding one day because my new apartment wasn’t set up all the way for them. When they arrived I expected them to be upset and traumatized, but they were not at all! They were ecstatic to see me and I was overjoyed. Thank you PetRelocation, thank you, Mandy. In a time of uncertainty throughout the world, your company is a diamond in the rough. 

Fia and max cuddling

Moving live animals is a challenge, but we understand that pets are family and the family needs to stay together! If you're starting to consider a move with your pet, let us know what questions you have


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