Year in Review: Incredible Experiences of 2014 (Part 2)

Part Two: Top Pet Transport Stories of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we're looking back at some of the happy moments and featured pet relocations from the past year. We already shared Part 1 of our Pet Moves of the Month, and now here' s Part 2.

Enjoy these reunion stories!



July: Wednesday

Wednesday the cat moved all the way to New Zealand, which happens to be one of the trickier destinations when it comes to moving a pet. Her parents worked hard to acclimate her to her crate beforehand and there was lots of teamwork during the planning process, and now Wednesday is with her family where she belongs!




August: Tessa

It's not often that we move pets to Brunei, but now that Tessa's relocation is complete, we all know much more about the process. Find out how this unique move went, and hear some of Tessa's tales of adventure from her new home




September: Gordon

We're always happy to take on the challenge of a horse relocation, and Gordon, his owner and his trainer were great to work with during this cross-country ground move. Here are more details about how this special trip was carried out.




October: Benson

We help lots of pets move to Hong Kong, so we thought it would be a good idea to share Benson's story with our readers. Bonus: he is super cute and his owners sent lots of pictures along with some very helpful tips. Good stuff.




November: Rocco

This happy guy moved from Puerto Rico to Indiana. It was fun assisting him, and we think you'll enjoy reading his story!



December: Chiefa "The Beef"

Chiefa "The Beef" move from the United States to Switzerland. She is a snub-nosed breed and also deaf, but these details didn't stand in the way of her safe, happy, international pet relocation


Catch up with all of our PetRelocation Incredible Experiences, and please join us in looking forward to another great, busy year!


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