Booking Your Own Pet Travel: the Airline Guide

booking your own pets air travel Doing it on your own?

There are several options for booking domestic and international pet travel. The best airline option will depend on your pet’s breed, your destination, and routing options, among other factors.

Some pet owners find it makes more sense for them to arrange a move on their own, so we’ve created several resources to help make the process as simple as possible!


Booking Pet Travel on Lufthansa

pets fly as manifest cargo on Lufthansa If you plan to travel with your pets, Lufthansa Airlines allows pets either in the cabin or in the cargo hold of its passenger aircraft, depending on the pet's weight and size, and provides an exceptional comfort stop experience for all layovers connecting in Frankfurt (for pets traveling via Lufthansa Cargo). Here's how to book a pet flight on Lufthansa.



Booking Pet Travel on KLM

shipping pets internationally on KLM If you're currently considering all of your options, take a look at this step-by-step guide to booking a flight on KLM Airlines for your pet. With the comfortable KLM Cargo Animal Hotel in its Amsterdam hub (for pets traveling as manifest cargo), this airline may be the perfect option for your pet’s international flight and layover.



Booking Pet Travel on British Airways

relocating your pets on british airways

Moving a pet to the UK or somewhere in Europe? British Airways may be a great option for you to consider and is often a top airline choice for PetRelocation. Read the full booking guide here.



Booking Pet Travel on Air New Zealand

relocating pets internationally on Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is another safe air travel option for pets. Unlike many other airlines, they do not allow pets to travel in-cabin. While this may seem scary to most pet owners, we have booked many pets as cargo with this airline and know it is a safe option. Read here to learn more about booking pet travel on Air New Zealand.


Booking Pet Travel on Delta

traveling with your pets on Delta Traveling domestically within the United States? Delta may be a good option for your trip! Learn more about this airline’s booking process and requirements in our Guide to Booking Delta Airlines Pet Travel.



Booking Pet Travel on Qantas

Shipping pets on Qantas airlines

Moving a pet to Australia or within Australia will most likely lead you to Qantas as a recommended air travel option. Qantas offers a high level of care to traveling pets with their dedicated staff and facilities, which is why it isn’t surprising that it often appears as a safe option for unsure owners. You can begin planning your pet’s trip by reading our Qantas booking guide!


Booking Pet Travel on Emirates

pets traveling on Emirates

There are some unique rules for booking pet travel with Emirates Airlines. For example, while regular domesticated cats and dogs aren’t permitted in the cabin, falcons are allowed to travel in-cabin between specific locations. To help you navigate through these unique rules and booking processes, we created a simplified guide for booking your falcon (or other pet) with Emirates Airlines.


Booking Pet Travel on United

Shipping pets on United Airlines

With over 130,000 pets moved in 2017, United Airlines operates the biggest domestic pet cargo program in the United States. Whether you're moving coast-to-coast or across the pond, we’ve put together this simple guide to booking pet travel on United Airlines to explain the steps for making a reservation. 
Update February 9th, 2021: Due to COVID-19, United Airlines has canceled their pet program. We will update this post once we receive a change in policy update. 

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