When we route our clients through Los Angeles—oftentimes on cross-continental moves to places like Australia and New Zealand—we love booking their pets’ layover stays at Kennel Club LAX! We’ve always had a great experience partnering up with this airport-adjacent pet palace. 

Kennel Club LAX is considered a luxury pet hotel, and for good reason. They offer grooming and spa treatments, training, a play area and activities that will make your pet feel like they’re on the ultimate vacation (even if only for one night).

The Kennel Club provides maid services throughout the day to ensure all pets have a clean space for rest and relief. They even play relaxing music throughout the day to create a soothing environment for your pet! 

Situated directly next to LAX airport, Kennel Club LAX is the perfect combo of comfort and convenience for your pet’s layover. They offer discounted parking, as well as free shuttles to and from the airport. Most pets stay over for one night, but longer stays can also be accommodated. 

LAX Kennel Club van

“Kennel Club LAX provides first class service for all pets in transit to and from the airport. We can meet your pet, bring them to our hotel for stretching and exercise, then drop them back at the airport to catch their next flight. All transit pets lodging at The Kennel Club LAX will have full access to our comfortable accommodations and exciting activities!  These ‘Comfort Stops’ can help ease your mind while your pet is away from you during your move.”

-Kennel Club LAX


The Basics


Kennel Club LAX is located a five-minute drive from the LAX airport at: 

5325 W. 102nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045. 

Normal office hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Kennel Club will also accommodate dropoffs and pickups outside of these hours; just be sure to schedule it with them in advance!


Kennel Club LAX for Dogs

Dogs are housed in a private indoor run at the Kennel Club, complete with raised flooring and bedding for added comfort. There’s also an outdoor play area for exercise and relief.

If your pup is antisocial, it’s all good! All dogs spend time in the play area individually. The Kennel Club staff will spend one-on-one time with your dog during their stay to make sure they get exercise and fun playtime before their international departure.

Kennel Club LAX serves wet and dry Nutro brand food for dogs, and can cook up milder meals like chicken and rice upon request. 

corgi at LAX kennel club

Kennel Club LAX for Cats

Cats are provided with their own private "cat condo" at the Kennel Club, outfitted with beds, blankets, resting benches, and windows. Sounds pretty purrfect, right? Kennel Club LAX serves wet and dry Nutro brand food for cats, and can serve tunafish upon request. 

cat at LAX kennel club

If Your Pet Has Medical Needs, No Problem!

If your pet requires medication or a special diet, the Kennel Club team will gladly accommodate. You are responsible for providing any special food or medicine, and the Club does charge a fee for medication administration.

While there is not a vet on staff, Kennel Club LAX partners with nearby El Segundo Animal Hospital if a pet needs to be seen during business hours, and VCA Advanced Vet Care for after-hour emergencies. 

How PetRelocation Partners to Make Layovers Luxurious

When planning an international move, it’s important to break up such a long journey so you and your pet(s) can get rest, exercise, eat well, and continue on feeling great. 

Our relocation specialists will provide you with great layover accommodation options like Kennel Club LAX for your pet(s). Once you’ve confirmed your preferred kennel, we’ll coordinate all of the booking, planning, and communicate any special pet needs. We have strong partnerships with airport kennels all over the world that make this process seamless. 


What our team has to say about Kennel Club LAX


Lindsey Rose International Relocation Coordinator

I adore working with Kennel Club LAX. Their facility is clean, organized and welcoming. The team is highly experienced with international pet travel which keeps things moving smoothly and ultimately minimizes any stress for our pets travelling. But most importantly, they are a wonderful team of people that are truly passionate about pets and treat each pet as if it were their own!

Lindsey Rose, international relocation coordinator (Australia and New Zealand)


Katy Payne Senior Sales Consultant

“The time, care, and attention that the Kennel Club LAX gives to our pets is unmatched. They are always in contact and prioritizing our pet moves, which constantly reminds me that they have been giving this same level of service to clients for over 30 years."

-Katy Payne, senior sales consultant (Australia and New Zealand)



Bill Condry Sales Consultant

“Kennel Club LAX sets the professional standard for transit pet care on all of our Australia and New Zealand moves. In addition to partnering with our team on the move logistics, the staff at Kennel Club goes above and beyond to care for, play with, and love on pets who are in transit through their facility. They understand the experience is stressful for pets and work hard to make each animal that comes through their facility feel safe and loved.”

-Bill Condry, sales consultant (Australia and New Zealand)



​Nina Faber Senior ​International Relocation Coordinator"I love that Kennel Club LAX has someone at their facility 24 hours a day. That way, if a flight is arriving after their normal business hours, I am still able to get an update to pass onto the owner with how their pup or cat is doing after their flight in. It really is a clean, well run facility, with staff that know this can be a stressful time and do all they can to make sure they are feeling loved and ready for the next part of their journey to Australia."

-Nina Faber, senior international relocation coordinator (Australia and New Zealand)


Thanks for treating traveling pets like royalty, Kennel Club LAX! 




This blog post was originally published on July 31st, 2019


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