Pet News Round-Up: Travel Solutions and Lovable Rescues

Ground Transportation is a phrase that many pet parents have learned in 2020. With many airlines restricting departures and arrivals to a select few airports, and with major domestic airlines canceling their pet programs, more families are taking road trips with their pets than ever before! 

Take Zoey for example! She took a multi-day, cross-country trip with PetRelocation’s trusted driver from Boston to Miami before catching a flight to her new home in Puerto Rico.

Zoey and her driver
Zoey on a pitstop with her driver, Brian

If you’re moving to Australia with your pets in 2020, make sure you’re aware of the current airline restrictions causing many pet parents to rethink their travel plans. While PetRelocation has contingency plans in place in an attempt to keep your furry friends on the go, it’s also a good idea to stay informed of what changes could arise while moving internationally (especially during a pandemic).

Did you know that pet adoption rate increased during the pandemic? Many people who are now working from home have opened their homes to new furry family members. In light of this great news, the PetRelo team took the time this summer to introduce you to a few of their own rescued cuties.

If you’re worried about your pet’s journey, following our pet stories could help ease your mind! We move pets all over the world and each week we catch up with a previous client whose furbaby traveled across the world or country. Chances are, whatever your move plan is, we have a story about a similar journey!


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