Traveling By Ground and by Air: Zoey’s Story

Sometimes getting from point A to point B isn't as simple as you may think. If your pet falls under certain categories, such as a snub-nose breed, it may be a bit of a logistical puzzle to figure out how to get your pet to their new home. That's what Heidi, dog mom of adorable Zoey, found out. Heidi called PetRelocation to see if we could help her put the pieces together—and we did! Here's Zoey's story. 

My family recently moved from Maine to Puerto Rico! We have a 5-year-old boxer, Zoey. Being that Zoey is a “snub-nose” breed, we couldn’t find boxer dog named zoey moved to puerto rico an airline who would fly her. In researching all of our options, I stumbled upon PetRelocation.  After reading the reviews, we prayed it wasn’t a scam (you never know these days)!

We took the leap of faith and booked Zoey’s travel arrangements! She was driven from Boston to Miami. We were provided with updates and pictures every two hours! It was wonderful that they captured her journey in such a way! Once she made it to Miami, she was flown to San Juan.

All of her needs had been met. PetRelocation has exceeded all of our expectations! We can’t thank you enough for ensuring that Zoey was well taken care of throughout her journey! We’d definitely utilize your company again in the future!

Just about any move is possible! It just takes a leap of faith. Thank you for trusting us with sweet Zoey.

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