The Rescue Pets of PetRelocation

While the global pandemic we’re all experiencing is a trying time for everyone, there may be one silver lining. Animal shelters across the country are empty or at record lows as more families look to adopt pets or open their homes on a temporary basis as fosters. 

At PetRelocation, we think this is amazing news. And so do many of our resident rescue pets. So, we think this would be a great time to introduce you to a few of our very own. Meet some of the rescue pets of PetRelocation!


Taco Tuesday

Tuesdays will never be the same once you meet the REAL Taco Tuesday! This adorable pup found his mom, relocation coordinator, Andrea, and decided he was keeping her.



“We were having tacos at Valentina’s BBQ truck in south Austin when we saw a little dog running around the parking lot. He came right over to us and sat at my feet!” the proud dog mom says lovingly. “We located his owners, but they decided that they could no longer care for him. So, of course, I took him in a heartbeat!”

This senior citizen sweetie won the hearts of everyone he met on the PetRelo team from day one. While many may not consider adopting a more mature pup like Taco, Andrea cannot praise his calm demeanor more highly! “He was already house trained, knows how to walk on a leash, and has most house manners down. People rehome older dogs for a lot of different reasons, but they definitely shouldn't be discounted when looking for a new member of the family.”


taco working from home

Mr. Tuesday could not have come at a better time for Andrea, now finding herself (just like the rest of the team) working from home on a daily basis. “He has certainly made sheltering in place a lot more fulfilling.”


When relocation coordinator, Kelcey, moved to Austin she knew she wanted to expand her family and make sure her small pup, Billie, had a friend in her new surroundings. Kelcey and her fiance headed to Austin Pets Alive to see if they could find the right fit for their pack. That’s when they laid their eyes on 5-year-old Jacob, now George. They knew this sweet boy would be coming home with them.



George, who’s naturally timid, turned out to be the perfect fit for their family and gets along great with their more extroverted pup. “Over the years these two have developed a The Brain and The Bronze relationship. George is NOT The Brain” Kelcey laughs. Hey, you don’t need to be smart when you’re this adorable!


guard dogs

The Brain and The Bronze, guarding their home. 


George is also a great example of how adaptable rescue dogs can be! Not only does he love to cuddle in bed with his pawrents all day, “going on jogs with mom and dad is also one of his favorite activities”. Rescue dogs can keep you company and keep you active!

Rescue dog trading card


Bailey joined the PetRelo family in 2017 after her mom, social media specialist, Katy, saw her listed online. “We wanted to adopt a friend for our other dog, Teddy. When I saw her I just knew she was our future dog. She has a permanent smile on her face!”


Bailey, a rescue dog in Austin TexasBailey, a rescue dog of PetRelocation


Things weren’t always so sunny for this happy mixed breed pup. Her previous owner had surrendered her to a shelter in rural Texas while she was pregnant. Luckily, local rescue group Forgotten Friends rescued Bailey and her pups and got them all settled in loving homes here in Austin, Texas. 

Now, Bailey lives the good life. While her brother Teddy shies away from attention, Bailey swoops in for the belly rub and to give kisses to everyone she meets. “She’s balanced out our home perfectly,” her mom gushes.

Herky's trading card


More to love is what you get with big guy Herky! This gentle giant is one of the newest additions to the PetRelo team. He was adopted by sales consultant Brittany just last month. “We knew we wanted to add another furry family member to our home and when we saw his face online… our hearts just melted!”

Brittany and her family saw Herky listed on the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue website in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and decided, like so many others, that this was the perfect time to add to the pack.


Very big dog, herky is a rescue dog of PetRelocation

Knowing that older pups can sometimes have a harder time finding new homes, Brittany and her boyfriend made sure to seek out a senior dog. “Herky had a rough start.” She explains that he was not treated as well as he deserved to be for the first 8 years of his life, “but now that he’s in his forever home with us, he’s clearly making up for lost time. He spends his time enjoying the comforts of indoor life and soaking up all of the love he can get.”


large rescue dog and his ownertwo large rescue dogs

And he’s not alone in this loving home. Herky shares his time playing with his sister, a fellow senior rescue Great Pyrenees rescue named Addison. Addison and Herky are enjoying their newfound friendship in their loving forever home. Better late than never!

Rescue pets have so much to offer. If you are looking to expand your family now, or at any time, why not see what smiling faces are at your local shelter? And of course, if at any time you need assistance relocating your new best friend, we can help!


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