Employee Profile: Kelcey, International Relocation Coordinator

PetRelocation Employee Profile: Kelcey, International Relocation CoordinatorKelcey is one of our International Relocation Coordinators and her specialty is overseeing routes like India to Hong Kong and Philippines to Malaysia—trips that can be a little more challenging than your average move. 

This means not only does she make a difference in people's lives by helping them through stressful moves to faraway countries, she's also gathered some great stories!

Read on to find out more about Kelcey and her adventures as a pet travel expert. 

Why did you apply to work at PetRelocation?

The premise of PetRelocation is keeping families together, even when families are relocating from places like Cambodia to Malaysia. Knowing that I would help fur babies remain with their human families for a living was a fulfilling opportunity that I could not pass up. 

What’s one of the best memories you have from your time here so far?

Recently, I helped move two older Chihuahuas and a cat from the U.S. to the Philippines. I had to coordinate medication administration for one of the dogs during their layover in Amsterdam. 

The pets’ mom was understandably nervous about the entire relocation due to these factors. However, I spent time on the phone with her, and we went over the items that she was nervous about, spoke about contingency plans if need be, and ended the conversation on a high note. Once the pets arrived safely into Manila, their owner sent me a very sweet, happy momma bear email. 

This client allowed me into her life to learn about what made her nervous, and together we overcame her fear of having her pets travel. My point is, this is one of my favorite move memories because this client truly opened up to me and I was able to help. This notion of conquering the unknowns of pet shipping together with my clients is not only empowering for me, but I know empowering for them as well. Chances are if they are relocating once internationally, they’ll be doing it again in the future. :)

PetRelocation Employee Profile: Kelcey, International Relocation Coordinator

Kelcey's dog George

What's a key piece of advice you would give to someone who was just starting to plan their pet's move?

The moment the idea of relocating crosses your mind, prior to anything being set in stone, begin researching import requirements for the country that you are considering relocating to. If departing from the U.S., check the USDA’s website – this is great resource that is chock-full of details. Also, check with the destination country’s department of agriculture for the most current import requirements. One of the hardest parts about my job is relaying that a pet’s intended move date has to change because the pet does not currently meet import requirements.   

What do you think will change about pet travel in the next five years?

I foresee more real-time updates on where a pet is at any given point during their transit. Currently, there is what is called an air waybill system (which is essentially a pet’s flight ticket number) that allows pet owners and myself to track a pet at any point while they’re in the air or during layovers. The downside to this tracking system is that there is a delay on the tracking updates. In the future I expect this to update the moment the plane departs/lands etc.  

Kelcey, International Relocation Coordinator

Kelcey's dog Billie

What advice do you have for people who want to join the PetRelocation team?

If you have no fear of working in uncharted territory, you’re inquisitive to the core, you can exude confidence in the face of an anxious parent, and you have the understanding that a fur child is nearly synonymous with a human child, then PetRelocation is for you.    

Which famous pet would you love to meet?

Tuna, the chiweenie with the most adorable over bite you have ever seen. Her Instagram page will melt you heart: @thetravelingtuna

What are some of your favorite things to do in Austin?

My two puppies can go out to dinner with my fiancé and I at many restaurants/bars in town – how cool is that!   

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