Thailand to Ecuador: Five Pets Travel an Impossible Journey

When pet mom, Christine, was told that her move from Thailand to Ecuador with her pets was nearly impossible, she was not deterred. So, she called PetRelocation, and we're so happy she did! Moving this fur family was a challenge, but a treat. This amazing journey consisted of five pets, four countries, four flights, one long road trip, and lots of love and wagging tails! You don't want to miss this amazing story. Read on to learn more! 

Last night, I sat in my new home in Ballenita, Ecuador. My cat Dobbey was snuggled in my arms, his sister Shadow, sound asleep in her new bed. My three dogs, Puu Ying, Pii Mai, and Buddy all peacefully sleeping at my feet. My family was finally reunited, safely and in great shape, settled in their new home. Only two months ago all of us were living in Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. I was putting plans into action for our move to Ecuador.

dogs on the beach

My pets were my main concern as I had to relocate my three dogs and two cats across two continents to Ecuador. As if that wasn’t hard enough, it was in the midst of a pandemic. 

I approached a couple of pet relocation companies, who only pointed out the problems they faced moving all my animals such a distance. They pointing out all the restrictions and obstacles that they would encounter, which didn’t inspire confidence at all! Then I contacted PetRelocation and it was like a breath of fresh air. Straight away, they offered me a plan of action and solutions to the problems. PetRelocation offered assurances in their ability to cope with any obstacles that they might encounter in the relocation of my pets. What a relief!

"I approached a couple of pet relocation companies who only pointed out the problems... PetRelocation offered me a plan of action and solutions"- Christine (Mom of  Buddy, Dobbey, Pii Mai, Puui Ying and Shadow)

I initially spoke with Evelyn Pearl, who put my mind at ease. Evelyn was calm, confident, and reassured me that they could certainly relocate my pets.  At the beginning of August, we started the booking procedure, and by the last week of September, I took my beloved Puu Ying, Pii Mai, Buddy, Dobbey, and Shadow to Koh Samui airport, to board their first flights as cargo headed to Bangkok. Here the PetRelocation team waited for them and took over for the rest of their long journey.

Kelcey Shafer was my coordinator, dealing with the planning and organization, keeping me abreast of every detail of their journey from then on. My pets were in great hands throughout!

Senior Sales Consultant, Evelyn, and Senior Relocation Coordinator, Kelcey

Unfortunately, because of flight restrictions, they had a longer stay than anticipated in Bangkok. Great care was taken of my animals during this time and I was kept informed constantly of their condition. I was also sent photos and video of them which was unbelievably reassuring, 

By now in I was in Ecuador and totally dependent on PetRelocation to do what they promised they could. I was not disappointed! Alternative plans were made and a flight was found to get my animals to two dogs moved from vietnam to ecuadorFrankfurt, where they spent a day and night resting at the Animal Lounge at the airport before their next long haul flight to Miami. I was able to track both flights and was immediately told of their arrival and when they had cleared customs and eventually housed at a pet resort!

Their transportation, to and from the airport, vet checks, paperwork, accommodation, and general care was all organized in great detail. Not to mention keeping the anxious owner (that's me!) informed and reassured at all times. 

After a week they were on their last flight from Miami to Quito! Again I was kept informed of their safe arrival, the customs clearance, and was sent photos! The accommodation was organized so they had a night's rest and then a road trip was organized for them in a brand new minibus from Quito to Ballenita.

In exactly one month to the day, PetRelocation safely transported my three dogs and two cats on four flights from Koh Samui to Bangkok, Thailand, through Germany, USA, and finally Ecuador. Then, a thirteen-hour drive across the country to arrive at the gates of my home!! 

PetRelocation did an incredible job during adverse traveling conditions and archived what many would say was impossible! 

On behalf of myself, Puu Ying, Pii Mai, Buddy, Shadow and Dobbey we would like to thank with all our hearts, Evelyn and Kelcey for your dedication to your clients and their pets and for your calmness and confidence which comes through on all your communications, and of course all the staff and teams involved in this unbelievable journey!

Wow! What an amazing story. We are so happy that we got the chance of a lifetime to keep this family together. We're overjoyed to hear everyone is happy and healthy in their new home. Keep us updated! 

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