How to Transport Cats to Hawaii During the Summer

Moving a cat to Hawaii Hi PetRelocation,

We are thinking of hiring specialists to move our cats when we move from Dallas to Maui this summer. But, in checking American Airlines (we typically fly AA from DFW to Hawaii) we noticed they say animals cannot fly if the weather forecast at any point of the travel is above 85 degrees.

In early July the risk of being above 85 degrees in Dallas is real, and even in Hawaii (although typically it may not be as high as 85 in early July).

Does this mean we can only move cats in the winter or fall? That would be a real problem for us. Do you have special arrangements to deal with this issue? Unfortunately 85+ degrees F is quite frequent in Dallas!




Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the great question! Though summer embargoes can often get in the way of pet travel, we’re able to work around many of them by choosing pet friendly airlines and/or booking flights early in the morning and later at night.

For example, United has a PetSafe program while AA does not necessarily follow the same procedures, so you’d probably be able to fly your cats with United throughout the summer (specifically, they don’t need to adhere to embargoes for most pets because they use temperature controlled vehicles).

You can read more about summer pet travel and summer embargoes on our blog. As a side note, you can also read about transporting pets to Hawaii, as this process does require a few more steps than regular domestic travel.

Would you like to learn more about our door-to-door services? We’d be happy to assist! Just let us know here if you’d like to connect to one of our Specialists to discuss your cat shipping options.

Thanks again and good luck with everything!


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