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Pet Travel Question: Flying With Birds

Name: DorisPet: Female, Quaker Parrot, weight: approx. 5 oz., 15 years old From: New York To: North Carolina How do birds generally do on an airplane? Is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks,Doris   Hi Doris, …

Pet Travel Question: Moving Birds to the UK

Hi PetRelocation,Can you let me know what is the correct procedure for bringing in pets from the Netherlands? What documents will I need, etc.?Thank You,Imran   Hi Imran,Thanks for contacting us with your question. Moving…

Pet Travel Question: Shipping Birds to the UK?

Hi PetRelocation,Is it possible to take our hens with us? What check ups/paperwork would we need to get?Thank you,Beth Hi Beth,Thanks for your question! The UK has specific rules and regulations in place when…

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