Moving Pets to Amsterdam: A Tale of Two Kitties

Moving across the world? You may find that you have your hands full and need a little more help than you expected. That's what Elise, cat mom of two, discovered when planning a move from the United States to the Netherlands with her furbabies. She was relieved to find just how hands-on PetRelocation could be! Here's their story. 

The two PetRelocation representatives helping me, Rachel and Rebecca, were friendly, funny and both obviously pet lovers! I really appreciated that they have been straight with me from the very start. They were honest with me that their services were not the most three cats shipped from US to Netherlandscost-effective way to travel with your pets because they are more involved than alternative pet professionals. But, I must say, it was worth every penny.

They handle all the paperwork, check your pets into their flights and get them through customs. I hardly had to do a thing. It gave me such ease of mind. When I picked the two beasties up from the airport in Amsterdam, they were happy to see me and not very stressed. They adapted to their new home extremely fast and became friends (maybe frenemies!) with the house cat, Woody, right away. It was a great experience. Amazing! 

If you're planning a move with your pets and don't know where to start, we can help! Send us your questions today. And to keep up with all of these incredible stories and furry faces, follow us on Instagram.


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