Pet Shipping During a Pandemic: Zeytin’s Move to Dubai

cocker spaniel moved from Turkey to the UAE

COVID-19 continues to affect travel plans, but luckily PetRelocation is here to help!  When Zeytin's family realized they needed to move from Turkey to the UAE, they realized they had NO IDEA how to get started. So, they gave us a call. We're so happy they did. Here's their story.

Our move to Dubai came right on top of the most chaotic time of our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not only stressful but also messy. During organizing our own moving, it was an additional responsibility to move our dog, Zeytin.  We knew nothing about moving a dog to Dubai and didn't know where to start! 

Luckily, my company introduced us to PetRelocation and at that moment we didn't know we were blessed. I got a personal representative, Kelcey. She handled the whole process from A to Z with very little need of our help. Everything was so organized, I was surprised by how well she handled the entire move! For instance, Zeytin was not located in the city of departure (Istanbul), PetRelocation arranged the transfer, care, and handling of our pet all the way to Istanbul before the rest of the journey even began. 

Of course, there were some unexpected situations such as countries changing their export requirements and customs processes due to the pandemic.  Even then, PetRelocation found a way to make things quicker by directly contacting the governmental departments on my behalf. Then, Zeytin arrived even earlier than we expected! Thanks to Kelcey and her international team, we celebrated our new year with our most precious Zeytin. I thank you with all my heart and will trust you whenever we need our pets to be relocated.

Zeytin tired after a long journey

If you're planning a move with your pets and don't know where to start, we can help! Send us your questions today. And to keep up with all of these incredible stories and furry faces, follow us on Instagram.


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