Australia Dog Travel Story: Bash’s Move

Thanks to Bash's owners for trusting us with his move to Australia and for sharing his story! Here's the update they had for us after Bash was released from quarantine.

Small terrier relocates to Australia

From the very first email we received from PetRelocation, the stressful process of moving our precious puppy back to Australia has been completely stress-free.

After quarantine dog shipped to Australia

Linda and Maegan were friendly, proactive, and helped us through each step of the process. They proactively reminded both us and our vets of each visit, exactly what was required, so nothing was missed. They followed up each time to check that things had happened ok and were always contactable whenever we had questions or concerns. They were even able to find us a vet in another state when we were away on some travel during the process!

shipping multiple dogs to Australia from US

Overall, they turned what would have been an extremely complicated, stressful experience into something that was simple and stress-free. The only thing we stressed about was being without our puppy for 2 weeks. He has now arrived safe and sound and settled into his new Aussie home.

small dog reunited with family after Australian quarantine

Thank you PetRelocation for helping us move our precious Bash!!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Bernadette
Pet Name: Bash
From: Seattle, WA, USA
To: Brisbane, Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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