Pet Travel Spotlight: Banjo and Fibbs Move to Singapore!

Worried about quarantine? It's actually not as scary as it sounds (see below for a preview of the Singapore facility). However, it's especially important to know what's required to make sure your pets can get in and out in the shortest amount of time—because who wouldn't want to reunite with their pets as soon as possible?! We recently worked with pet owner Eunice to relocate her dog (Fibbs) and cat (Banjo) to Singapore. You can read about her experience below.

Corgi relocated to Singapore PetRelocation was a great help when we moved from the USA to Singapore. Katy and Evelyn were flexible, prompt with my queries and gave good recommendations to ensure the best for my pets, Banjo (cat) and Fibbs (dog). In addition, they offered great advice for travelling with pets and wonderful tips on what to prepare so that the 24hr journey would be less stressful for them.

I met many people at the quarantine centre who had to quarantine their pets for 30 days. Fortunately, PetRelocation placed my pets' welfare as their top priority. Katy planned and provided the right advice to ensure that Banjo and Fibbs only required the 10-day quarantine. Both Banjo and Fibbs did very well during quarantine and the standards of the quarantine centre certainly surpassed our expectations.

Overall, we were happy that paperwork was in order which was critical for a smooth move from USA to Singapore. Both of them have settled in very comfortably at their new tropical home.  Thank you once again.

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