Relocating Large Dogs: Blaze’s Move to New Zealand

We had the pleasure of moving this very good boy, Blaze, from Texas to New Zealand. His dad took the time to let us know about his experience! 

I am incredibly impressed with Nina Faber and Katy Payne. These two were extremely helpful and responsive in Blaze's transportation to German shepherd moves to New Zealand New Zealand! I never had any doubts when communicating with Katy and Nina laid any insecurities I may have had to rest.

I felt Nina went above and beyond her position to insure Blaze and I were completely satisfied. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Petrelocation to anyone. The responsiveness, professionalism, and caring attitude of the staff at petrelocation is the standard for any business model.

Thank you so much for making our transition so easy. Petrelocation is incredibly lucky to have Katy and Nina on their staff.

Thanks! We agree, we are very lucky to have such an amazing team! 

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PetRelocation Team


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New Zealand
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