Bringing a Cat to Amsterdam: Beau’s Relocation Story

import pets into AmsterdamCongratulations to Beau and his family on their successful move to the Netherlands! Read more about their journey below.

We were connected to PetRelocation through an employer-provided moving service.  At the end of the day, our cat probably had the easiest time of the whole move thanks to your service!

PetRelocation helped us with the formidable amount of paperwork involved in moving a cat from the US to Europe.  Our rep, Katy, kept in regular touch with us to make sure that everything went smoothly.  She was even providing live support while we were doing paperwork with our vet.

We were nervous about sending our "child" alone on the plane to meet us in Amsterdam, but we received meticulously detailed instructions about how to prepare him for the trip.  When the big day came, someone came and picked him up in DC, got him to the airport and on a flight, guided him through EU Customs, and brought him right to our door in Amsterdam. 

He seemed quite content and (aside from a touch of jetlag) settled into life in Amsterdam without a hitch.


Pet Travel Details:

Pet's Name: Beau
Pet's Species: Cat
Pet's Breed: Pixie-Bob
From: Washington, DC
To: Amsterdam

Looking for help with shipping your cat to the Netherlands (or elsewhere)? Contact us to discuss your safe pet transport options.


PetRelocation Team


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EU, Netherlands
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