Bringing a Dog to New Zealand: Abe’s Travel Story

big dog relocates from Houston to New Zealand Thanks to Abe's owners for choosing us to assist with his move! Here's more about his relocation.

Linda did an amazing job outlining the steps we needed to take and communicating with our vet so they knew what they needed to do as well. Both us and our vet appreciated how thorough she was.

We particularly liked the updates on Abe's journey because it really eased our mind about our big (~80 lb!), dumb pupper making the trip all the way from Houston to New Zealand. There are so many news stories about pets having bad things happening to them while flying, that we were definitely worrywarts about how the flights would go and those messages made us feel so much better.

black lab mix in new home of New Zealand after being shipped from Houston

You might pay more with PetRelocation than trying to do it all on your own (not that we could have because airlines going to NZ require you to use a pet moving company anyway), but I think the peace of mind is probably worth it!

Large dog after relocation from US to New Zealand

We breathed a big sigh of relief when Abe successfully got to quarantine. The puppo was definitely ready to see the end of his time there after 10 days (a bit like doggy jail really), but he did get several visits from the grandparents during his time there.

Very good boy shipped to New Zealand from the US

Abe is currently staying with his grandparents in Auckland, where he is being spoiled rotten, and I'm picking him up over the holiday break to take him back to Dunedin, where I'm planning on spoiling him rotten too.

Black lab reunited with owner after moving internationally

Thanks again for making this such a smooth experience and taking care of our giant dingbat of a dog. :)


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Alana
Pet's Name: Abe
From: Texas, United States
To: New Zealand

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