Bringing Cats to Japan: Charlie, Pepper, and Phoebe’s Move Story

Here's a note from a recent client of ours who moved her three kitties to Japan. We're glad Charlie, Pepper, and Phoebe are settling in well!

The kitties are here and on the whole they seem surprisingly unfazed! They were desperate to escape the crates, but after letting them loose they've been totally normal.

Despite owning three cats for many years, I'm never quite sure what they're thinking, but they seem quite pleased to see me (and especially my husband) again. They've been drinking lots of water and they're enjoying exploring our new apartment. We've never had stairs before, so it's been hysterical to watch them try to navigate them. 

cat shipped internationally to Japan

Again, thank you so much for everything. I was terrified to start the whole cat moving process and I was convinced something would go wrong along the way, but you've been absolutely amazing and helpful at every step!



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PetRelocation Team


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