Hong Kong Dog Travel: Panda’s Journey

shipping small dogs to Hong Kong Adorable Panda recently moved from Florida to Hong Kong. Here's his story! 

I used PetRelocation to help us move Panda, our 10 year old Japanese Chin, from Miami to Hong Kong. I did a lot of research and contacted many companies before choosing PetRelocation. Evelyn our relocation consultant was quick to reply to my many questions and was very knowledgeable on what a move to Hong Kong would entail in terms of travel. She was available to discuss the nitty gritty details of what Panda's travel itinerary would look like before we confirmed we would be moving forward with the company. This personalized care and transparency made it a no brainer to choose PetRelocation for Panda. 

Kelcey, our international relocation coordinator, was in constant communication and very reassuring through the entire process. She was very understanding of our needs to have Panda given his daily medicine during his layover and very flexible to any changes we needed to Panda's itinerary prior to our departure. She also was instrumental in making sure the complicated government paperwork was completed properly by our vet, handholding them through the entire process and verifying it was correct. 

When Panda's departure date arrived and it was time for him to travel it was stress free. Kelcey and the local agents were always in communication providing us with updates on Panda's status during his travels. Panda arrived to Hong Kong happy and has adjusted well to his new life in the big city thanks to Kelcey, Evelyn and the rest of the team at PetRelocation.


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