Incredible Experiences: Cody & Dusty’s Move to England

cat"Our Relo Across the Pond."

We relocated with my husband's company, who also selected the pet relocaters, too. We wanted our cats, Cody and Dusty, to be relocated to England from America. Both are senior cats with dietary needs and health concerns.

From the moment that Jon got in touch with us, I felt a sense of comfort. After setting up the initial paperwork, I was then passed to Sarah who took us through the entire process. Everything was coordinated and I was kept informed throughout the journey of our beloved cats.

I have to say I was very anxious about the journey, given the fact that Cody is also arthritic, but Sarah was on hand throughout the experience, offering help and support.

Needless to say, both cats arrived as scheduled, clean and happy to see us in England. I would highly recommend this pet relocation company and would use them again, if the need arises.




Pet Travel Details:

Name: Michelle
Pet's Name: Cody and Dusty
From: Wisconsin, USA
To: Swinton, England


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PetRelocation Team


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