Incredible Experiences: Jack and Ivy Travel to the United States

"Exploring the New Place!"

The relocation took a long time. I started talking to PetRelocation as soon as it was possible. They were amazing! They provided loads of reassurance and advice and were ready to go as soon as we had dates confirmed.

Jack & Ivy

The door-to-door service meant that our stress was minimized and we received loads of updates on the cats and how they were doing.

The cats have settled so well and are enjoying exploring their new home.

jack & ivy

Thanks to everyone at PetRelocation!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Sally
Pets' Names: Ivy and Jack
From: United Kingdom
To: United States

(See more of Jack and Ivy on the PetRelocation Instagram -- such cool cats!)


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PetRelocation Team


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United States, UK
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