Incredible Experiences: Raven’s Move from the United States to India

mixed breed dogs moves to India "Great Success in Moving my Dog Raven from the US to India"

PetRelocation has been a great help during my move from the US to India.

I contacted them as soon as I knew I was going to move with about six months time in hand. They helped me figure out her flight schedule and paperwork needed by the Indian authorities.

They assigned the case to Ms. Tobi Ditmore, a specialist in moves to India. Ms. Ditmore helped me all along, starting from what crate I needed to buy, to getting all the paper work done on the Indian side, as well as all the documentation with my dog's veterinarian in Virginia.

She also helped with advice on how to keep Raven calm and also keep myself calm and worry free. The day of the move, they contracted Raven's pick up and flight arrangements with a local pet moving company. She also organized someone taking care of Raven during her long layover in London. Finally, on the Indian side, they contracted an Indian company who did all the customs clearance.

I had a pretty good experience. Throughout the journey of Raven, Tobi kept me informed (fortunately I had wifi in the plane) so I could be in continuous touch with her.

Initially, Raven was very anxious after encountering the heat and humidity in India -- for about a week she refused to eat her meals, only drinking water and snacks. I took her to local vet, and she had to be given amoxicillin and paracetamol and now she is doing fine.

She is back to her playful self and having meals. She has always been a picky eater with a lot of trouble eating her meals -- so she is doing that. But overall she is happy and playful again. I am very happy with the entire process that PetRelocation follows.

Name: Sandeep
Pet's Name: Raven
From: Falls Church, VA, USA
To: New Delhi, India


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences



United States, India
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