Incredible Experiences: Transporting Five Pets to Texas

"Bella, Bobbie, Bonnie, Chaz and Clyde's Move from Fresno to Austin!"

My pets are settling in well. Thanks again for solving what seemed an impossible task: moving animals from a rural area during the hot summer.

two happy dogs

The dogs are so happy to be inside during the Texas heat. They have been outdoor dogs all their lives. The cats are still hiding in a huge walk-in closet but are eating well and have found the litter box. (I did not take a new picture of them, since they are hiding.)

The little black and white kitty went home with my sister today as she just lost her oldest cat and they really liked each other.

three cats

So here is a picture of my three cats in Fresno before the move and a picture of Bella and Bobbie outside their new home. Again, their safe relocation was critical at a time of great personal stress, and you did it perfectly. 

Thank You,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jo
Pets' Names: Bella, Bobbie, Bonnie, Chaz and Clyde
From: California, United States
To: Texas, United States

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