Moving Cats to Spain: Asic, Nimbus, and Puma

two cats moved to Spain The thought of moving pets overseas can be stressful, especially if they aren't accustomed to traveling. We love guiding pet owners through this process and seeing how well their fur-babies actually do on these long journeys abroad! We are happy to hear that Asic, Nimbus, and Puma are doing just fine in their new home country of Spain. Thanks, Kristine, for sharing your experience below:

My husband and I decided to retire to Southern Spain.  We have 3 female cats who have never traveled further than 30 minutes in a car ride. Our girls are house cats and do not like to even travel to the vet.  I knew the most stressful part of this move would be figuring out the best way to transport our cats. After doing an enormous amount of research we came across PetRelocation.

I did my due diligence and researched them and realized shortly thereafter they would be the best fit to help transport our cats. I can tell you they did not disappoint in any way.  Our girls made it safely to their destination.  This was a long journey for them but well worth it knowing that they were being tended to by the most loving hands in each step of the process.

The cats arrived to my husband clean and a little disoriented from the intense travel but settled in very quickly and once again with smiles on their faces. We used PetRelocation for their door-to-door service which made things much easier on us. I highly recommend this company.

cats moved from United States to China        Cats moved internationally

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