Moving Cats to Taiwan: Aya and Shiori’s Story

After months of waiting and a week of quarantine, Aya and Shiori made it to Taiwan and are settling into their new home! Read what their owner, Christopher, had to say about the experience moving them there. 

shipping cats to Taiwan Great company and extremely helpful team!

Moved to Taiwan last year and after nine months, PetRelocation reunited me with my two daughters! The staff was extremely helpful and quick in getting all the necessary paperwork done and with all the questions that I was asking. My two girls are settling in very well in their new home and their new country.

The trip was brutal for them and seven days of quarantine was not something I was happy about but my kitties are doing great! Thank you Kelcey and Evelyn for the great job! Shiori and Aya chan thank you! 


cat moves to Taiwan, looks surprised   relocating pets to Asia

Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Cat

Pet Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Pet Name: Aya and Shiori

To: Taiwan

From: USA


PetRelocation Team


Incredible Experiences, Quarantine




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