Moving Cats to the UK: Micky & Mouse

You never know where life is going to take you, but you want to make sure you can bring your pets with you! Sometimes a move can be a bit of a surprise- like in the case of Mickey & Mouse's family! Here's their story:  

My husband and I had lived in the US for 3.5 years and gained 2 cats while we were out there.  We were relocating back to the UK and leaving the cats behind was not an option.  I did a lot of research into different companies who assist with pet relocation and the different ways you can opt to organise certain elements yourself.  moving cats internationally to the UK

In the end I decided to trust the experts and have someone do all the heavy lifting for me. I reached out to many companies and I ultimately chose PetRelocation because I got the warmest response and upfront information.  

I could tell instantly that they cared not only about my pets but about how stressful a process this was going to be for me to handle emotionally!  Not only do PetRelocation walk you through all the process steps and things you need to organise (vet visits, cages, water bowls)- they are there as support for you as well.  PetRelocation are on the ball, whether its responding almost immediately to all my random and panicked questions, to sending snaps of my fur babies as they were safely waiting at their “departure lounge”.  Shipping Cats to England

The process at destination also went smoothly as I received email updates every stage of the way as they progressed through customs clearance. They were certainly not happy cats when I collected them at the reception centre, nor when we first arrive at our accommodation BUT their huff didn't last long and they were very happy to be back on our laps! Its not something you want to put your animals through but if you have to then PetRelocation are the best team to make it as painless as possible for you and your pets!

How sweet! Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your journey across the pond! 

Are you ready to make your big move? Let us help! 


PetRelocation Team


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