Moving Pets to Spain: Lulu and Calypso’s Story

Thank you to Holly for submitting this relocation experience through our website! We are so happy you chose us to help in getting your fur family to Spain!

My husband was relocated to Madrid, Spain for work. He went ahead while I wrapped things up in the US, including getting the cat, Calypso and the dog, Lulu ready for the big move. Since I was traveling by myself, and 6 months pregnant, it was imperative to select a pet relocation service who could provide the most hands on assistance, including door to door service.

Shipping a cat to Spain From the first bit of contact, PetRelocation set up phone appointments to professionally answer my questions and address my concerns. Communication was top notch after we committed to the service as well. Trish was our coordinator and was top notch. She was patient through all of my nervous mom moments and was wonderful about communicating with our vet's office. Best of all she kept me in the loop on the status of paperwork while we were in our critical 10 window for USDA certification. We were advised on the kennels to purchase, along with padded inserts, as well as how to have food ready for their overnight in Frankfurt, etc.

They were ready for their journey on Lufthansa, even if I wasn't! When they were picked-up by the PetRelocation agent, my apprehension was eased by his obvious love of animals and devotion to Calypso and Lulu starting their journey on the right foot. This included photos of their check-in at the Denver airport. Trish provided flight updates. We knew when they arrived at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge and when they were to depart. Giving me peace of mind for my personal travel. Once I arrived in Madrid, the babies were a few hours behind. They were delivered to our new residence by a local vet. Knowing an English speaking vet now was an added perk!

Calypso and Lulu were happy to see us. A bit tired but in one piece and healthy and happy. We were so grateful to be reunited knowing that all paperwork was properly processed, so they are here legally and most importantly they got here safely. We will never know what they thought of the long flights or the overnight in Frankfurt. But we do know that having them on this journey with us is creating memories to last a lifetime and our new home is only so because Calypso and Lulu are here with us.

shipping chihuahuas to spain from united states

Thank you to the PetRelocation team for your hard work, awesome communication and love of animals- we appreciate all you did for us. Worth every penny!


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