Moving Pets to the UK: Cosmo’s Quick Relocation

We recently helped Cosmo the cat move from the US to the UK! Here's what his owner had to say about the experience.

cat after being shipped to the united kingdom We made the decision to use a pet relocation agency very late in our travel planning process due to misinformation from the airline. With literally 10 days to accomplish the task of moving our cat, Cosmo, Jon and Julia were amazing!

It was fortunate we had traveled internationally with our pets before because they were microchipped, had all their vaccines, and we had our appointment set up to get the health certificate.  I think we made a great team.

Everything went perfectly from start to finish. The pickup at Logan was easy with Cathy and we received updates from Julia throughout the travel process. Cosmo was delivered to us, calm and curious, at the Animal Reception Center at Heathrow.

We are so pleased. Thank you PetRelocation!!!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Elisabeth
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Name: Cosmo
From: Boston, MA
To: London, UK

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PetRelocation Team


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