Pet Move of the Month: A Rescue Dog’s Journey to New York

Rescue dog shipped to the United statesThis month, we are excited to feature the story of a sweet rescue dog and a very dedicated pet owner. After rescuing Zibbibbu in Italy, Andrew found out he needed to relocate to the United States to be with family. He knew he needed help with navigating the United States import requirements, especially since he had to move before Zibbibbu would be able to.

That's when PetRelocation stepped in to help! We love being a part of moves like this to help keep families together. With careful planning and continuous communication, Zibbibbu was able to be reunited with his owner in New York.

Read more about Zibbibbu's journey below!

What brought about your move?

An unexpected illness in the family necessitated my move from a small town in Sicily to a small town in upstate New York. Just days before, I learned that my new friend, Zibbibbu, had a serious condition. A veterinarian determined that not only did he need immediate treatment, but it would be months before he would be healthy enough for travel.

I needed to return to America immediately and had just a few days to find long-term care for Zibbibbu. Five months after my return, I learned that Zibbibbu had fully recovered, but the work of acquiring vaccinations and documents remained. Traveling back to Italy was not an option and I wasn't going to be able to handle these affairs remotely.

I contacted Pet Relocation and Catie Cox was extremely helpful from the beginning. She answered all of my questions and gave me an idea of a timeline and costs. Eventually, my case was put into the very capable hands of Julia Chauvin and she kept me updated and well-informed at every stage.

What surprised you about the pet travel process?

I knew a language barrier would be problematic for me in doing the relocation myself, but more surprising is that there are very specific rules, documents, and time limits that surround the process. There is a considerable amount of planning and execution that has to take place.

Mix breed rescue dog relocate to New York internationally

Zibbibbu before he was rescued.

How did Zibbibbu handle the move and how is he settling in?

When I first met Zibbibbu, he had been abandoned on the outskirts of town in the winter. I am still amazed at his toughness. He traveled 4,500 miles and he greeted me with a tail wag and didn't say a word! He has gotten to know the rest of my family and he has settled right in, reinforcing his territory in the neighborhood daily.

What advice do you have for other pet travelers?

Anticipate that internationally relocating a pet will be every bit as complicated as a human actually moving to another country, perhaps more so. Using experts puts that complexity in the right hands so you can focus on your own moving problems - selling a house, moving your stuff, changing jobs, etc.

How pet-friendly is your new home?

Our house has a nice yard and a screened in porch that Zibbibbu enjoys. And less than 2 miles away there is a river and lake that are both easy to walk along.

rescue dog imported into Unite States

Thanks to Andrew for answering our questions and for letting us be a part of Zibbibbu's move!


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