Pet Move of The Month: A Tall Dog Travels to Korea

dogIncredible Experiences: Bella's Relocation Across the World

Bella's recent move from Texas to South Korea featured a few typically stressful factors: Bella is a large dog, she had never traveled before, she was going halfway across the world, and the move needed to happen pretty quickly.

These are all challenges, but they're also simply par for the course when it comes to moving pets. Rest assured that Bella made it safely to her new home, and she clearly has the makings to be a great traveler (which is good, because her owners are planning to do relocate again in the future).

Here's more about Bella and her big trip. Thanks to her owners for answering our questions, and congrats for being featured as our Pet Move of the Month!

What were some of your concerns going into the move?

I was concerned about Bella being anxious during the trip and worried about when she would arrive. 

Did anything surprise you about the international pet moving process?

I was surprised at how expensive it was. (Note: here's a breakdown of common expenses associated with pet travel.)

How is Bella adjusting to the new location?

She was pretty sleepy when she arrived. I'm guessing maybe she was a little bit jet lagged. She is adjusting to living in a high rise apartment in South Korea instead of our house with a doggy door in Houston. 



What is life like in South Korea so far? Do you think it’s a pet friendly place to be?

It is pet friendly for small dogs. The locals seem very fearful of Bella because of her size. We walked her on the beach on Saturday and people were posing with her for photos, but most people were scared or curious. She definitely received tons of attention during the walk.

We're so glad you chose us to help with your move! How did hiring professional assistance change this relocation?

I didn't have to worry about the paperwork or stress of what needed to be completed. I liked the friendly and quick responses and loved seeing the photos of Bella during her process. We had very short notice about our move to South Korea from Houston and you guys helped tons! I was able to concentrate on all of the other things I needed to get done.  


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