Pet Move of the Month: Chuy and Harvey’s Journey to Spain

Two dogs. Three countries. Thousands of miles. 

Preparing to relocate pets internationally can an intimidating process, especially when they require special care. Here's one pet owner's experience working with PetRelocation to ensure both of her dogs were able to make the big trip without complications. 

moving with three legged dogChuy and Harvey's Story:

The part that made me the most anxious about moving to Spain was flying my two dogs Chuy and Harvey in cargo from Houston to Frankfurt to Madrid.

My dog Chuy has three legs, has social issues, and also suffers from epileptic seizures for which he takes medications throughout the day. I was trying to figure out how on earth Chuy was going to get all his meds throughout the trip. With the help of Katy Hearne-Church, we came up with a solution that made it easier for everyone. Meds every 12 hours. Why didn't I think of that?

Katy was extremely patient with ALL of my questions. My first point of contact on the day of departure was with Melinda James from Hourglass Pets on the Go. She came by to pick up Chuy and Harvey. She was so patient and kind. I was a basket case! I asked her to take pictures once they got to the airport and give me an update once she left them there. She actually got permission to take a couple of pics behind the scenes after they had been checked in with the guys at the airport. How cool was that?! 

Once they took off, I received an email from Katy H-C and kept getting updates at each layover. The Lufthansa Cargo Animal Lounge at Frankfurt sent a couple of pics and an update. Dr. Nave at the Madrid layover called and let me know how they were once they cleared Customs. She asked me a few questions about Chuy regarding his social issues and epilepsy / medications and said she would be bringing them to Altea personally. The next day, true to her word, Dr. Nave had both Harvey and Chuy in the back of her van safe and sound.

moving dogs form the US to Spain

Chuy and Harvey were absolutely great and very curious about their new surroundings. Dr. Nave was also very kind and wonderful. I think the trip was more stressful for me than it was for Chuy and Harvey. Great job on all fronts. 

Moving Chuy safely was, by far, my greatest concern, but everyone was so patient and kind. It's difficult to not have your companions with you when you're traveling so far, but my concerns were addressed at every turn. Now, I have my dogs here with me safe and sound!  If I have to do this again, PetRelocation will be the first I will call. Thank you all so much!

- Linda, Chuy & Harvey T.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Linda
Pets' Names: Chuy and Harvey
From: Houston, TX, USA
To: Madrid, Spain

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