Pet Move of the Month: Freddy and Phoebe Move to the UK

shipping dogs from US to the UKOur move of the month sheds light on a question many pet owners ask themselves before they relocate:

"How am I going to move a pet with a medical condition?"

When one family reached out to PetRelocation last year, they weren't sure if one of their two dogs could make the trip from the US to the UK due to his seizures. But with very careful planning and a team of expert support, he safely completed the journey. Today, both pups are settled into their new home and doing great!

Their mom, Brenda, shared her experience with us.

Freddy and Phoebe's Story:

Let me first provide a little background history on my dogs. We adopted them together from a rescue facility in May of 2015. They had come from separate circumstances but had been placed together as ‘roomies’ while at the shelter.

Our family had only intended to get one dog that day, but these two had come to rely on each other for comfort and Phoebe was going to be left alone, so we chose to take them both.

They have not been apart at all since then. Early on, we discovered that Freddy suffered from neurological seizures and required special care and regular medication. Extreme stress and/or excitement would bring them on.

With this in mind, you can imagine the stress my husband and I faced once it was confirmed that we would be moving to England with my husband’s employment. Our Vet wasn’t even sure that Freddy would be able to safely make such a trip and that was heartbreaking. That, coupled with the fact that no airline would allow us to bring our dogs in-cabin for such a long flight meant I needed to find expert help for the safe transportation of my animals.

I contacted two pet transport companies, but it was PetRelocation who really allayed my fears and truly seemed to understand what these pets mean to us. At my first contact with Catie Cox, I ridiculously found myself in tears wondering if I would be forced to find him a new home. She, Ananda Holton and everyone who handled our relocation have been beyond wonderful! They took over every detail and were in constant contact with me during the entire process. Once our dogs started on their journey, Ananda kept my husband and I constantly informed of their progress along the way. The dogs were received in London by my husband, who was already situated in our new home (the kids and I arrived the following day). He advised that Phoebe was completely fine and very curious, Freddy looked wonderful and only needed a bit of cuddle time before he, too, wanted to explore his new environment! They are now completely unaffected by the experience and even, at times, lay in the large transport crate Freddy had been housed in (a great testimonial).

I cannot say enough about the expert help we received from PetRelocation. Ananda even checked in with us a few times post journey to see how the dogs were adjusting. Nothing was missed or overlooked in the process and the staff was very caring and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this company for all they do. Our family is together on this new adventure and we are immensely grateful to PetRelocation for their huge contribution to it!

Thank you to Brenda and her family for trusting us with this move! We are happy to know the dogs are doing so well and wish you all the best in England!

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