Pet Move of the Month: Shanti and Rajah’s Move to South Africa

shanti and rajah in south africaIncredible Experiences: Rajah and Shanti's Move to South Africa

Since Rajah and Shanti's journey started in Austin, TX, we were lucky enough to be able to welcome them to our office for a visit as they were beinning to get ready for their move to South Africa.

These lovable Labrador Retrievers were a pleasure to meet, and it's easy to see why their parents decided to bring them along for their three-year job relocation.

Read more about Shanti and Rajah's journey and thanks to their owner for sharing their story with us!

What brought about your move to South Africa? Were you always planning to bring Rajah and Shanti along?

My husband's job brought us here and it's for a duration of three years. If our pets, who are really our four legged kiddos, could not move, I would have stayed back with them in Austin and both my husband and I would have considered visiting each other every quarter. 

Did anything surprise you about the pet travel process?

The extensive lab work and costs associated required for South Africa were a surprise. 

The other surprise was the amount of time spent in their crates even before their flights from Houston to Amsterdam. Their journey from Austin started at 6:30 a.m., they flew to Houston, had one potty break, and then boarded their flight to AMS at 3 p.m. I think that must have been rough and I wish there was a solution to alleviate the time in their crates.

shanti and rajah in south africa

How did you prepare your dogs for the trip?

I prepared my dogs months in advance by crate training them. I think that was key for a successful and safe journey. The crate size also matters along with other amenities for comfort. 

How has the transition to your new home been? Does South Africa seem pet friendly so far?

The transition to SA, to the new home and routine, took or still takes some adjusting for them. Shanti, my senior lab, lost her appetite initially but is fine now. They experienced jet lag and the anxieties of a new place, just like humans. 

On the positive side, they were thrilled to see my husband, the nice weather, and the pool, which is quite a treat for them. 

South Africa is a pet friendly country but one must exercise safety measures at all times. 

shanti and rajah at home

What advice do you have for people who might be starting to plan their pet’s move?

My advice for people traveling with pets is to talk to others who have done so and prepare months in advance with crate training.

I would also definitely recommend PetRelocation's services. They made the move stress free by handling the paperwork and coordinating with all involved. They responded to all questions and emails promptly and were very professional, friendly, and understanding. 

All is well and most importantly, our dogs made it safe here from Austin to South Africa and that is incredible! We are very grateful to everyone involved in making this a safe move for them, especially for our senior lab, Shanti. 


Good luck to this globetrotting family! Ready to discuss your own pet's travel options? Contact us for a consultation.


PetRelocation Team


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